Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Easy Jewelry with Jewelry Clay

Jewelry clay is so versatile.  Today I am using EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® to be the one component that holds my entire ring together.  EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® has excellent adhesive qualities and will bond to most surfaces including glass, metal, wood, etc.


jewelry resin ring 123

jewelry resin ring 123

Prepare the jewelry clay and add a few drops of dye for color.  I like adding color to the clay because I know some of it will show through.

jewelry resin ring 123 
Roll the clay into a ball and pull the circular embellishment down over the top so 2/3rds of the ball is above and 1/3 below.
Press the ring blank into the bottom of the ball.

jewelry resin ring 123

I use little pieces of Styrofoam™ to help me keep rings and such steady while I work on them and it's also handy for when they are drying.

jewelry resin ring 123

Press the pearls around the circumference of the circle, placing them 'hole-to-hole' so the holes are not visible.
Press the button into the top of the clay ball. 
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® cures to a firm hardness in 5 hours and full cure in approximately 24 hours at 70° F.

jewelry resin ring 123

Roberta Birnbaum
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