Up-Cycle an Old Box with Resin

Hello my dear crafty friends, Irit here, and welcome to my easy to make new ETI post.

This time I decided to make something easy and to show how ETI products can be used with your old and hoarded stash.

So I took one of my black and white old painted wooden boxes (I used them for embellishments before I found that I can't find anything inside and moved to flat ones) and decided to recycle it to this lovely Spring box using old molds I have for maybe a year and never used and even older micro beads.

As a first step I mixed a small portion of ETI Easy cast resin  with just a bit of fine green glitter added to the mix made by manufacturer recipe. Please remember my previous mistakes and heat the bottles a bit in a warm water container before the mix!

Here you can see the casted leaves after like 24 hours and there are some residuals over the cast. Take good sharp scissors and just cut  all extras away. As it was  only 24 hours since the casting, the extras were pretty much flexible and easy to cut.

 Now I casted blue glittered flowers using two roses molds from my stash. Those silicone flexible molds do not need any conditioner- just cast, wait 24 hours and pull! Clean the molds after the casting even if they look pretty clean! 

Now to the final stage- arranging the casted pieces and adding my micro beads.

I made another small portion of Easy Cast and used it to glue the leaves and flowers over the glass lid. Perfection! It's invisible and will be glued forever over night. 

Now I made a good spread of the remaining resin mix with the ETI brush from Mixing cup set and filled it over with a mix of blue and green micro beads.

I really love how those small beads look over the glossy surface.

I hope you like my easy to make  resin project and will try to recycle your old boxes in a similar way.

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