Resin Skull Knobs

Artist Mark James shows his process of creating Resin Skulls to get the look he wants....

Here is a cabinet Mark made using resin skulls for the knobs, you can get step out directions for creating the molds using ETI EasyMold® Silcone Putty in this earlier post by clicking here.

Here is a closeup of the resin skulls on the cabinet....

Here is how these were created:

 Mix ETI EasyCast® as directed by the manufacturer and pour into mold.  The only thing I do differently then what is recommended,is that I do not bother to remove the air bubbles for the skulls,  I would in other projects, but for the skulls, the bubbles add more character. 

 Wait 12 to 24 hours before removing the skulls from the molds.

Here are 5 skulls in the process.  If you look closely, you can see some of the skulls look a bit different.  The reason for this is, I have created several molds and when I am pouring, I do different levels of pours...So that some of the skulls seem narrower then the others, which makes each skull unique.

So...start with a Resin Skull... 

Paint the skull with a metallic silver paint and let it dry. 

 In this photo, you can really see the detail that you get from making your own molds with ETI EasyMold® Silcone Putty.  It is identical to the original piece I used to make the mold...I love that!

 Paint over the silver with black paint and let that dry.

 It is at this point, I sand away some of the black paint, to expose the silver underneath.  Once I am happy with the look, I dust it and give it a light coast of ETI Resin Spray, to give the skull just a bit of extra shine.

Then I glue in some crystal can see the glue here, but it dries clear.

Then simply attach the skulls to your project.  The Resin knobs are durable and perfect for this cabinet.

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