Playing with Jewelry Resin

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here working with Envirotex Jewelry Resin and the jewelry molds from ETI.

Don't forget to use the Mold Release/Conditioner before using your molds.  It really helps the resin pieces pop easily out of the molds once they are set.

I prepared the Envirotex Jewelry Resin according to the manufacturer's directions.  Once the resin was ready, I filled a number of molds about half way.  Next, I proceeded to add assorted colors of Transparent Dyes into the molds.  The Transparent Dyes are really translucent and create some beautiful pieces.

I placed 2 drops of Green Transparent Dye into 2 molds and waited to see what would happen.  The Dye actually moved around the resin - it was fun watching it spread out.

Next, I added a drop of Yellow Transparent Dye into one mold and watched it blend with the Green.  Into the other mold, I added some Robin's Nest Dew Drops.

Next, I poured more clear resin on top to fill the molds.  This step allowed the colors to move around some more and blend creating some really fun effects.

Into other molds, I also poured clear resin, then added a drop of Amber Transparent Dye.  After adding more clear resin, the color appears to be floating in the resin.

These next designs were created by adding a drop of Amber Transparent Dye into the clear resin.  After waiting a few minutes I added a drop of Blue Transparent Dye and waited a few minutes more.  Then I added more clear resin to top off the molds.  I love the look of these pieces, they are my favorites so far.

After waiting for the molds to set, I popped out all these fun pieces.

Now, I just need to decide how to use them.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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