Mixed Media Vintage with EasyCast® Resin

Hello my dear crafty friends, Irit Shalom here!  Welcome to my new ETI post!
This time I went totally out of my comfort zone and made something that I was not sure it becomes a finished project. But  as you can see- it was a success and I will sure make more of those " papyrus like" pieces in the future.

Here we go:
1.I took a piece of clear thick transparency (not seen, as usual) and spray it with a good layer of ETI Mold Release Conditioner.  Let it dry and add another layer (dry it please, again).

2. Take a plastic lid  around the transparency size and put the conditioned transparency over the lid.
Mix a a full small container with Easy Cast Resin according to the manufacturer's instructions and cover the transparency all over. Now let it dry at least 24 hours and remember to cover it with some fabric or paper  as we don't like all this home dust to invade to our clear casted piece.

3.Now take a 2 step crackle medium. If you don't have this one, you can use one step crackle medium. I have old jars of 2 steps and the good thing with them is that you can see this Step 1 coverage as it comes out white and dries clear; so you can see the " Papyrus shaped" casted piece over the lid.
Let the Step 1 dry and then add Step 2 (it's clear one  and not shown on my tutorial). Let the second step medium  dry and you have an " old crackled " clear piece of resin to work with.

4. Add two eyelets over the dry piece using your favorite eyelet tool (wee all have one, also we forget to use it. So it's our " eyelet time" right now.)
Find some good acrylic gold paint and cover the whole crackled piece with a think acrylic layer. Then wipe it with paper towels or even baby wipes. The paint will stay inside the crackles, but the main piece will be pretty clear after this step.

5. Stamp a scene on white tissue paper with black permanent ink. I used Rubber Dance company  Antique Botanics stamp set  with vintage flowers and butterflies here.

6. Glue the stamped tissue paper onto the back side of your piece with a small amount of ETI Easy Cast Resin and then.... OK, you know: wait till it's dry!

7. Now grab your alcohol inks and cover the tissue stamped  paper with a nice mix of them. Don't afraid to see the very intensive colors. You won't see them this way from the front of the finished piece.

8. Add some lace or ribbons as a hanger to this piece. I even added a butterfly golden charm.
Look how nice this piece is from the front: mute, vintage, really old looking. 

As my only tip here- make a few " papyrus" piece at once. The waiting time is  long and each and every  caste piece is UNIQUE!

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