Resin Spray is the Finishing Touch

ETI Resin Spray isn't only for is an amazing product that can be used on many surfaces..

Today Artist Mark James shares a hand crafted bench he created from found objects...

This beautiful bench started out as an old rusty metal chair and an old black painted table that was left in the alley by Mark's dumpster ready to be thrown away.

Mark took the metal chair apart and saved the pieces that could be salvaged and sanded them down to the to the original metal.

He then spray painted the metal pieces with black paint.  Once that was dry he sprayed coat of gold paint and let the pieces dry.  To give a beautiful shine to the metal he sprayed a coat of the ETI Resin 
Spray onto each piece and let them dry.  While these photos do not do the piece justice, you can almost see the shine of the Resin Spray in the above photo....

Mark took apart the old black table and sanded away all of the black paint and found beautiful oak wood.  

Mark then salvaged the best pieces of the oak, stained them and created the bench with the metal as the focus and the wood as the frame.

Once the bench was created he sprayed a coat of the ETI Resin Spray over the entire bench and let it dry.  The Resin Spray was the finishing touch to this wonderful up-cycled project.

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