Painting with Resin and Pigments

Today I am sharing with you a painting I created only with ETI resin, pigments and a tongue depressor! I have been looking forward to this and I am happy to report that I had way more fun than should be legally allowed.

ETI painting with resin by Roberta Birnbaum
  1. Prepare 2 tablespoons of resin as per manufacturer's instructions in a disposable cup.
  2. Using the tongue depressor to help guide the flow, start pouring resin onto your canvas. I worked in sections; I poured the sea first and then I worked on the sky. Use the depressor to gently spread the resin along the surface of your canvas.
  3. Place drops of color right into the resin. Try putting a drop of color inside another drop of color and see what happens!
  4. Use the depressor to add swirls or movement to your painting.
  5. Add white opaque pigment to add remarkable texture to the waves.
  6. Don't over-do it! If you start swirling and blending too much you could have a muddled mess on your hands. *Not that I am speaking from experience, or anything :) 
  7. Place canvas in a warm place, on a flat surface and leave it for 24 hours to cure to the touch. Allow a full week for it to be ready to hang.
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