Painting a Bold Background with Resin

Today Designer Roberta Birnbaum shares with us how to create a bold background using EnviroTex Lite® Resin. 

Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
I love how the resin makes the colors POP!
8" x 10" canvas
EnviroTex Lite®
Castin' Craft Color Pigment Concentrate: blue, white
Castin' Craft Transparent Resin Dye: red, yellow, blue, green, pearl
Ultra-Seal™ Multi-purpose Sealer
Ann Butler's Iridescents by Earth Safe Finishes: Lilac gel medium and Onyx powder 
Image from magazine
DecoArt® Moldeling Paste™ Paintable Texture
DecoArt® Texture Glass™
Spare Parts® embellishments: mirror, comb
Inka Gold Metallic Rub, steel blue
Spectrum Noir™ markers: BP2, PP5, PP3
Copic Sketch, YG06 (yellowish-green)
Copic Ciao Y28 (lionet gold)
Clay face - pre-made
Tissue paper

Tools: palette knife, paint brushes, mixing cups, stir sticks, pipettes, cloths, craft mat


  1. Cover your canvas with modeling paste in a 'rough fashion' - i.e. leaving lines, valleys, etc. This will create natural boundaries and contained areas into which you can pour your resin. You can also use tissue paper.  Let it dry. N.B. *Keep in mind the area you want to place your image so you can leave that area relatively flat).
    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art

    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
  2. Mix your resin according to manufacturer's instructions. Choose your pigment colors and you can mix a drop of color with resin in a small cup and have all the colors ready to work with. *If you do mix them like this you must work quickly before the resin starts hardening  OR Using a craft mat, mix some resin and pigment directly on the mat, and create more as necessary. 
    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
  3. You can brush the resin on and/or fill the cavities by using a pipette (this is like a medicine dropper).
  4. Brush on the Iridescents on some of the flat surfaces.
  5. Give your cut paper image a coat of texture glass and let it dry.
  6. Glue your image to a piece of cardboard you have cut to match the shape of your image.  This adds strength and structures to the paper before you glue it to your canvas. 
  7. I used modeling paste to attach the image by smearing it onto the canvas. Let it dry.
    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
  8. Glue on the head and embellishments using Ultra-Seal
  9. Color your image and clay face with markers.
    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
  10. Highlight metal embellishments with Inka Gold by applying a small amount on the end of a cloth and then buffing it with a clean cloth
  11. Dry brush your sentiment with onyx Iridescents by mixing a very small amount of the powder with a lot of water and then brushing it across the paper.  This gives the sentiment a beautiful, iridescent sheen.
    Roberta Birnbaum Look for Beauty resin art
  12. Once dry, glue the paper sentiment to your canvas using Ultra-Seal.

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Roberta Birnbaum  Resin Art
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