Hand Stamped Resin Covered Necklace

Today Guest Designer Irit Shalom is sharing a 
beautiful hand stamped resin covered  necklace...I love this technique!

I love  fancy necklaces (not to wear them, just to admire as I am pretty much " no jewelry" girl). So when my daughter  was talking about those " Made in China" with metal flowers jewelry  pieces , I decided to try my own hand made one and here is a result.

All three flowers are hand stamped, hand cut and covered with  clear resin to make them durable and wearable. I even made a small tutorial  to show you how you can make this project and much more similar ones if you only have a nice flower stamps and ETI Pour-On High Gloss Finish.

Step 1:

Stamp a few flowers (if you have the same flower in different sizes it's the best choice) with pigmented ink. I used flowers from Bold and Beautiful set from Norwegian company called Rubber Dance, but any similar flower stamps will do the job. For this project I used Ann Butler's Clearsnap Crafter's Berry ink and heat embossed all stamped images with Clearsnap Clear Embossing powder.

Step 2:

Hand cut all flowers (unless you have a die and stamp matching set and then you die cut the flowers) and make holes  for the future jewelry connectors. 

Step 3:
Cover all flowers with Ultra Seal and let it dry. I didn't try this technique without the sealer as I didn't want to spend time and to discover that my flowers are ruined. So I added the sealer and was happy with the final results.

Step 4:

Mix  Pour-on High Gloss Finish according to instructions.
Be sure that it's not too cold in the room and that you use double stirring with different measure cups.
Dip all flowers into the mixed resin fluid using some kind of tweezers or whatever  you have (like  a random tool from my husbands tool box he never uses...)
Put the covered flowers over some not sticky surface unless you want them to be a permanent embellishment over you mat board or table.
Let them dry for as many hours as you can, but you can touch the back of one flower after a few hours and to see if it's already dry.

Step 5:
While waiting for your flowers to dry, make your necklace.
Peel the flowers from the non sticky surface and arrange  them  one over another using clear glue or the previous sealer.
Connect your resin covered flowers to your new necklace and  enjoy it! Or let your daughter to enjoy it and to ask for another one in different colors.

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