Silicone Molds perfect for Mixed Media

Earlier this week I showed how easy it is to create molds using Easy MoldĀ® Silicone Putty.

Now I want to share how perfectly the molds work with resin.....

 Here is a lock I used to create a mold.
While it was setting up I prepared my resin.

I mixed two equal parts of the Easy CastĀ® hardener and resin in two disposable cups (as per manufacturer's instructions) and then combined them together into one cup

and mixed for 2 minutes.

Then I poured the resin mix into the second cup and mixed for another minute.

I knew I wanted to try a couple different colors so I divided the mixture to try a couple different things.

I added some Bronze Iridescents Powder to the resin to create the color I wanted...

I then poured the resin into the mold that was ready.

Filling it to the top of the mold.

I had some resin left and not wanting to waste any of it I poured the excess into some jewelry molds.

I left the resin set up overnight.  I love the detail this mold gave me.

I added the piece to this canvas I created that will hold was the perfect addition!

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