Resin Gift Idea just in time for Christmas!

We hare happy to have Vishu Reberholt as our guest blogger...
be sure to check out he AWESOME project!

Hello everybody! It's Vishu here again to share another resin project with you all. I am really having fun with resin. As you all know i'ts that time of the year when you are looking for ideas to make some handmade gifts for family and friends. I feel now-a-days everybody buys what they want when they want and so I find handmade gifts extra special. This what I came up with and think it will make a good gift.

I made this and love it so much that I have already poured another batch to make a set of 6 :)

Products Used:
ETI's Clear casting epoxy
Reusable MC6 mold
Transparent dyes, I used green, red and amber
Elizabeth craft design sticker
Painting brush (thin tip)

First you mix the EasyCast as per the instructions. Now I live in Buffalo, NY and its pretty cold here so I warmed the bottles by putting them in warm water to up the temperature of the epoxy and then I poured a thin layer in the mold and let it set. After 12 hours I added the sticker

I then mixed more EasyCast and divided it into 3 containers and added the dye, then using the thin brush I painted in the design. I added amber colored epoxy at the corners. I let this set for 12 hours and then added another layer of clear casting epoxy resin. I did have to use a lighter to get rid of the bubbles.

With the left over colored resin I poured some tiny pendants

I hope you can see the swirl effect I tried to create.

Hope you enjoyed this project.................

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