Abstract Resin ART!

We are excited to welcome Vishu Reberholt as our guest designer today.  
She has an amazing project that you are going to love!

A frosty hello blog friends! (since its snowing here) its Vishu Reberholt here and I am so excited to be the guest designer on the blog today. This is my first time working with Environmental Technologies Inc.  resin and boy I had fun making this project so here is a look at my abstract art.


Can you imagine the possibilities and the best part ................ every piece is unique.

here are the products I used:
Envirotex Lite.......... (LOVE this product)
Acrylic Paints I used red, yellow and black
poster board
gloves (a must)


The Envirotex Lite comes with very detailed instructions my advice here would be to follow them to the T and you will have a perfect pour every time.

So first I cut my poster board to the desired size and laid it on my work surface, then I mixed my envirotex lite as per instructions, since its really cold here I did keep the resin in hot water for 15 mins to get the temperature up and avoid bubbles, once my resin was mixed I added the red color first and poured some of it on the poster board, then I tilted my board to spread the colored resin, I did the same by adding the other two colors. There was a lot of tilting and adding color to get a look I liked. Once my board was fully covered with resin using the toothpick I made some curvy lines to mix the colors. Here are some more close up looks.

I also did another slight variation when mixing the yellow color, I did not completely blend the paint with the resin which gave me a floating yellow pigment look which I absolutely love and the high gloss finish gives this such an elegant look.

I used up the unused resin to make another smaller piece.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with resin so want to give a shout out and thank Environmental Technologies Inc. I can see myself starting to get addicted as my brain is flowing with so many ideas I want to see come to life. I hope you try this technique and make some unique pieces of your own.

Thanks again for this opportunity.

Vishu Reberholt

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