Monday, November 17, 2014

Resin Snowman Paperweight

We hare pleased to have Larissa Pittman doing a guest post for us this week...
her project is adorable!

Up until about 2 weeks ago I have never used any kind of resin. I must say being a card maker it was a little scary when I first got the product.

Muffins and Lace jpg3

Not knowing what I would do.   I decided to dive right in and make something. I came up with a grand idea to make a paper weight.

Muffins and Lace jpg4

 I started off with Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy and a round mold. I mixed up 4 ounces of product (following manufacturer's instructions). I then poured half into the round mold.

Muffins and Lace jpg6

 While it was sitting a few minutes I made a cute little snowman out of cardstock. I punched circles and hearts and a hat using metal dies and punches. I put it all together with adhesive and added a little glitter.

 I turned it face down and placed it on top of the Epoxy. then covered it with the rest of the Epoxy I had mixed.

Once it was dry 48 hours later I turned the mold upside down and gave it a couple of twist and my finished piece popped out.

I do have to say after this project I love this product. I already have my next project in mind and ready to start.

Hope you enjoyed my post today. Don't forget to keep coming back to the blog to see more ideas andcreations  .

 Have a wonderful day.

 Larissa Pittman
Design Team Coordinator Ann Butler Designs


  1. This is an awesome project you created! Your snowman is adorable and this paperweight will be used for many years to come! I want to try this myself!

    1. Thank you. You will love the product. It is the best.

    2. Hello...I am very new to resin jewelry...have never made any...but want to make a pendant using a flat hardware washer...when I apply the resin to a flat surface what keeps it from running off the edges? there is no bezel, frame or other edge to contain the resin? advice/help will be appreciated...BJ


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