Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Refinish Laminate Counters with Envirotex Lite

We found this amazing video on YouTube showcasing

how to refinish a laminate counter using Envirotex Lite.

We love how this turned out!


  1. Great job, i will try this on my table, thanks
    : )

  2. I built new cabinets, ripped up the flooring and and removed all the cabinets from my kitchen. I wanted a counter top that was a center of attention without the expense. I researched and bought the Envirotex Lite, 3 gallons of it. It took some time finding a retailer in my area but I was successful in my search. Out of all the steps in redoing my kitchen the epoxy resin was the one I was most concerned about as I have never worked with it before and to do 108 sq ft as my first attempt was a bit daunting. I started by doing a brushed on thin coat seal coat last night. This morning I started pouring on the product. I must say it was so much easier than I expected. I am in love with the results! I used 4 mm painters plastic to protect cabinets and floors and I only had one small leak that got through my barrier (the sink cut out) no problem in that area! I just want to say I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. McRae Family, Thank you so much for sharing...


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