Using Buttons as cool!

This is such a cool way to up-cycle buttons into beautiful resin filled bezels!

Here is a list of some of the items you can use:
1.  Old book pages
2.   Pyrite Flakes
3. Broken Rhinestone or Jewelry
4.  Embellished Ribbon
5.  Small Buttons or Beads
6.  Decorative Fibers
7  Big old buttons with rim or very inexpensive large plastic buttons

 Line the buttons with paper and add several coats of Ultra Seal.
This protects the paper and gives a nice background.
Then start gluing down some embellishments.
(Ultra Seal is a glue and dries clear too!)
Continue to add embellisments until you are pleased with the looks.
 Slowly pour in Jewelry Resin, it is a little trickier to pour resin over objects that are so dimensional.  Over-pours can happen quickly so take your time. 
Let dry completely!
Check out the beautiful results!
Imagine what you can create with bits and pieces...
Give it a try and have fun!
Projects and photos by Carmi Cimicata .

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