Skull and Bones EasyCast Necklace

Here is another project from the archives to share with you for Halloween!
We thought you would love to see how easy it is to create a
one of a kind necklace for Halloween this year!

Always be on the lookout for some interesting ice cube trays because
 you can use them as a mold to cast wonderful resin pieces. 
Once you do however, do not use them for ice or food making.

Mix up two batches of EasyCast resin for this project. 
To one batch add white pigment and to the second black pigment
These pigments are opaque, so the molded item will be  solid color.

Pour the white into the bones sections and the black into the skull sections
and let cure for 48 hours.

Once the resin has cured you can push the finished piece out of the mold by stretching the sides.

 Drill some holes into the cast items and connected them and 
add some crystals to make them a little more fun.

Attach to a store bought necklace or one you have made yourself.
Now you have a very cool necklace for Halloween!

EasyCast makes it possible to make these items
simply and in the colors of your choosing.  
They cured in 48 hours and are ready to wear!
Projects and photos by Carmi Cimicata 

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