Super Hero Weapons With EasyCast

I have the most unique selection of molded super hero weapons to share with you today!  
I imagine these might be something Thor would carry.

To begin, let me mention that I found this ice cube tray at a home store and tested the back to see if resin would work in it. When this bubble of resin cured it peeled right off.

Then I gathered some different types of glitters/sequins.  I buy these all the time and end up having way too much in my stash.  I was determined to put these vials to good use.
I used EasyCast for my project.  I always do when I work in deep molds because EasyCast was designed to be poured into molds like this.  You can see I mixed up some fabulous cups.
Here is my filled mold.  I made sure to pop all the air bubbles. I then allowed this pour to cure for a full 24 hours.  
I have to point out is that sometimes you can add too many inclusions to your resin and it does not cure properly.  Happily, these glitters/sequins did not affect my resin and cured perfectly.
Here is a closer look at one of the resin weapons.
This one is just so pretty!
For my shield I opted to highlight the symbol with a little gold rub-on.
This will look super on a box top!
As an aside, whenever I know I am mixing a lot of resin, I keep an extra mold handy to pour extra resin into.  This starfish was created by pouring in everything leftover from this project.
The best happy accident ever!

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