Resin Cubes - A New Experiment for Resin Crafting

With today being a busy back to school day for many of you I thought I would post an experimental project that I will be reworking a few more times this fall.
I am calling these square/rectangle resin shapes "cubes"...but I am sure I'll come up with a better description!
These are the cubes I created with many layers of EasyCast Resin poured over several weeks.
 This is the tray I worked in.
Happily it was an inexpensive item I found at you recognize it?  It is a TV dinner style serving dish.
You can see that I gathered several sheets of interesting paper that I planned to embed in resin.
 TIP:  In order to make sure the resin would demold easily, I did a tiny test in the tray.  I dropped in some resin and let it cure overnight.  It popped off easily, so this is indeed an item I can work in.
 Here is my process.  Whenever I had time, placed a piece of paper in the tray and covered it in EasyCast resin.  I even used a leftover piece of copper gilding.  
Each layer cured before I added a new piece of paper.
Eventually I demolded this gorgeous "brick of resin."
 I sawed my squares and rectangles.

In order to bring back the shine to the edges, I applied several coats of Resin Spray.
 They looked so interesting that I knew I would be making something unique with them!
 My jewelry-making skills allowed me to turn them into beads.
This "resin cube" experiment is one that I love!  I'll be perfecting this idea.

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