Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dollar Store Resin Crafts

 These fun resin crafts use items I picked up in my local Dollarama.
 Whenever the seasons change, my store has new ice cube trays.  These I really liked!
 I made a small batch of EasyCast and coloured it with two different Pearl-Ex powders.
 These cured perfectly and popped out of the mold so easily!
 For my Jewelry Resin filled bezels, I began with these gold buttons and a sheet of stickers.
 The stickers sealed the button holes and I added a little glitter glue to the edges.  When the glue was dried, I just poured in Jewelry Resin.
 These are my experiments, now I will make a bunch more!
In case you are wondering, I spray paint plastic buttons (and other items) to make them prettier.


  1. Cute! These would be a fun alternative to candy on Halloween, maybe a bunch in a little bag.

  2. What a great idea! I went to my local Dollar Tree today and found spider and pumpkin ice cube trays. Now I have to look up your instructions for coloring the resin. I also took your advice on the paperweight molds and I think the Whiska's cat food containers might work.


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