Vintage Baking Pan and Toys Embedded in EasyCast

This may be the best use of a vintage baking pan yet!
 This latest pan became a holding spot for some cute toys that I have been accumulating.  I thought they would look great in resin...and they did.
 In order to balance my theme, I added in some dice.  
Now I really liked my pan of goodies.
I use EasyCast for this project.  EasyCast was designed to be poured into molds.  Even though these items are permanently embedded, and not being popped out, EasyCast is brilliant for deep pours.  
I completed my project with two pours:
The first pour was halfway up the pan.  This ensured that everything was in place.  
Then I did a second pour right to the top.
 Here is a closer look at everything I embedded.
 The ladybugs are sitting just on the surface.  I added them very late after my second pour.
 I thought the doll's hair might dissolve...happily it did not.
 I was so happy to see these dolls looking this clear.
 The plastic heads I found in one baggie at my local antique market.  I bet they were well used.
 This is my favorite pan section.  It actually needed three pours.  I had so many bubbles come up when I walked away, that I had to cover them with glitter and then I added one last layer of resin.
Anyone else do a vintage baking pan project yet?
I have nine project posts now!

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