Friday, August 1, 2014

The KLIK and Resin Crafts Blog Collaboration Has Begun!

 Earlier this summer I posted a call for artists/crafters to join in the 2014 collaboration project with Metal Complex.
 With very little information, I had well over 50 volunteers for the project.  I had to extend the project to make room for 20 more participants.  They are all receiving a blank metal snap to experiment in.
 The snaps are part of a new DIY product line from Metal Complex.  These metal components "klik" into interchangeable jewelry.
 I have had so much fun creating samples for the campaign!
 My studio has been filled with circular imagery that I am punching out and placing into my blank bezels.
 There are some shallow snaps as well and I am embellishing these edges with a little bit of glitter glue.
 Since the snap blanks have a little "nubbin" on the bottom (which allows them to be "kliked" in place) I have set up some boards on my table to create a channel so when I pour resin in, the snaps are level.
 I have started to make series!
 These snaps mix and match!
 As you can see, I have dozens of options for my finished snaps.
I can't wait to see what our klik participants will be making!
I'll be featuring each project on the blog throughout September!
Our participants received the snap blanks before anyone else in North America.  
The catalog for KLIK program is now available for anyone who wants to see the whole collection.
 They are a wholesale company, so they do not ship to consumers.
For more information or to find a reseller near you please email:


  1. Can you please share what size punch you're using? Also what are the dimensions of the blank? Thanks.

  2. I have the same question. Thanks!

  3. I am not sure which klik component you have. There are two sizes. I have a large collection of hole punches; 7/8 3/4, 1, 1/1/8, 1 1/4 I punch out circles and layer. Sometimes I leave space knowing I will use glitter glue.

  4. It is the one you sent for this challenge. It is not 1 inch for sure as it is smaller.

    J Fuller, USA

  5. What does the component look like that will be added? I am seeing jewels on the sides of one item?

  6. Hi Sherri, there will be a brochure available to view online shortly.

  7. Thanks Carmi I just want to make sure my design will not interfere with it. Where will the brochure be located?

    1. The catalog for KLIK program is now available for anyone who wants to see the whole collection.


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