Summer Themed Switch Plate

This new switch plate should keep you feeling summer-like all year round.
Jewelry Clay is all I needed to attach all these unique embellishments to my white blank switch plate.
 These are all the items I gathered and played with prior to making my finished project.
Charms, beads, wood shapes, shell chips, resin sew on beads, glass, rhinestone chain, buttons and more.
 Here is how the project looked after I pressed the embellishments into the clay.  I could have left it as is.
 I decided I needed a little more blue, so I pulled out my tiny glass beads.
 I pressed my project into the loose glass.
 My final step was to brush some Interference Gold Pearl-Ex across the surface.  The Pearl-Ex only clings to exposed clay, so once my project was cured I brushed away the excess powder.
My favorite thing about our Jewelry Clay is how even the tiniest of items can be permanently embedded.
This is a lot easier than working with glue!
My first switch plate project is linked here.

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