Resin Coasters with Stampendous Glitters

I have a gorgeous set of new coasters to share with you today.  They are super simple to make if you have a few items; 
EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
Stampendous Micro Glitters 
and the coaster mold.
 This is how they look on my table today.
I have had this coaster mold from Resin Obsession for a while now.  I wondered how the coaster would look if I just added glitter to my mixed casting resin.
 I selected four Stampendous micro glitter colours.  How much you add to the resin affects the colour.  I added a little less orange and it is more translucent.  
I want to remind you, that when you add items like this to resin it may not cure properly.  Happily, I added just enough.  It is an experiment every time. Once I made a resin batch and it did not cure after I added way too much glitter.
 Here is the resin filled mold.  I let everything cure overnight.
 The next day I checked to see if the resin was hard (not sticky) on the back and then popped my tray into the freezer for 30 minutes.
Freezing contracts the resin just enough so that it pops out of the mold quickly.  No more twisting and tugging on the mold.
Aren't they great?  Love the colours!

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