More Paperweights With EasyCast Resin

 Here are three more paperweights which I hope will inspire you to make your own with EasyCast.
 The inspiration for one of these came from a vintage "Made in Scotland" paperweight I recently picked up antiquing.  The thistle on the plaid made me smile.
 I made this one with plastic flowers.  I dropped some sequins into the resin as well.  Do you see my miniature Peter Pan?  He was a spur of the moment add in!
 This paperweight is very special to me.
I grew (from seeds no less) and then dried this edelweiss flower.  Now I have it forever.
 This paperweight turned out adorable!  The flowers are growing right out of the surface...something that looks great and in the future I'll do more on the surface of my paperweights.
 From the side you can see this paperweight featured embedded miniature cakes.
You can add these small plastic protectors to the bottom of your paperweights if you are worried about scratches.  Sometimes I line the bottoms with felt, but it can change the colours dramatically.

To see the first group of paperweights I have a link here.

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