How to Turn a Domino into a Pendant - Tips

This domino features a simple wire loop.
I have been asked how to make a domino wearable, so this is a quick post showing you how I do it.
 Many of the dominoes I now use in my projects arrive pre-drilled.  If I do come across some old wood dominoes at an antique market or sale I do still take the time to drill a hole through them.  Dominoes are quite thick, so a very thin drill bit will go right through the middle as you can see in this picture.  I have used both a hand drill and a drill press to make my holes.
 Making a domino wearable is easy with a little bit of wire.  In this picture you can see that I have the wire running through my drilled hole and then I pressed both ends flush against the top of the domino.
 I wrapped one of the wires around the other to create these bottom loops.  I cut away the extra wire.  My wire is very soft, so I was able to do this without tools.
 With my round nose pliers I then made an open loop and wrapped my extra wire around the lower loops.

After cutting away the last bit of extra wire I have a nicely finished loop making this pendant easy to wear.

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