How A Piece of Copper Plumbing Becomes Jewelry

 If you do not read my entire post, you might assume I have made another piece of jewelry in a copper bezel.
What is unique about my finished piece is the "test-cap" I worked in.
In 2008, I invited artist Jane Wynn to teach a weekend workshop in Toronto.  She taught me and my friends how to cut and solder copper pipe to create the most fabulous jewelry.  I think I picked up this test cap the day I picked up copper pipe for the class.  It has been waiting a long time for me to use it!
These are two of the copper pipe necklaces designed by Jane, which are in my own collection.
Jane is also the first artist I noticed using cute miniatures embedded in resin.  You can see more of Jane's art on her Pinterest Board linked here.
 Earlier this summer I made two special copper necklaces for my Nunn Design posts and I found this unique paper in my stash.  It made me look at all my copper and I pulled out the cap and added some of this paper and Jewelry Resin to the cap and set it aside. (no photo)
So, sitting on my table was this partially filled cap. 
It needed something.  
I applied this small piece of rub-on art to the first layer of resin in the cap.
 Then I glued in this tiny charm.
 Now I filled my cap to the brim with Jewelry Resin.
I actually had ONE and only one copper bail in my stash.  I glued this to the reverse to make the cap look professionally finished.
Not a plumbing part anymore! 
I hope this post encourages you to look at inexpensive items to pour resin into.
In case you are wondering about the rub-on, it is from a sold-out kit I presented on The Shopping Channel featuring the Crafter's Companion Flower Fairies.  

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