Taxi Cab Tiles - Into Art Beads

This post has such an odd title.  I will explain.
I do hope the resin covered beads caught your eye!
 For this project I am using two of my favorite ETI products; Resin Spray and Jewelry Resin.
 On Facebook I posted these images in the hopes that someone had a great name for them.  These are bamboo tile beads.  I call them taxicab tiles because I originally noticed that many taxi cab drivers in hot countries sit against them.  They are installed on their seat back and normally look like the image below.
I think they help circulate air and keep the driver cooler.
 Cut up, you have many many tiles to work with.
They are better than dominos...because they are already pre-drilled!
So, today I will show you how I use them, but of course, the same techniques can be used on dominos or scrabble tiles.
 First, you need some interesting imagery to apply to your tile.  My table looks like this as I try and see what will work best as an image.
 When my paper images are cut, I usually use a Xyron sticker maker to apply adhesive to the back.  This is very helpful in the summer with all the humidity.  Starting with a dry adhesive means my tiles will be ready for a resin application quicker.
TIP:  I sprayed two coats of our Resin Spray to the surface.
This does something very important.  It seals my paper imagery and the bamboo red colour.  
My designs will not bleed with the application of a wet decoupage medium.  Also, on a nice warm day, this dries quickly.  
 Here are the tiles after allowing the Resin Spray to dry all day.  
They are quite nice....but will be even nicer shortly!
Applying resin to a flat surface can be tricky.  You do not want an over pour.
Here is how I do it.  
I drop a small amount of resin into the middle of my tile.
Then, with my paint brush, I push the resin to cover the entire paper image.
This I let cure 24 hours.
 Aren't they fantastic?
I wanted you to see up close.  
Sometimes the resin pulls away from the edge.  
I will probably apply another layer of resin.  I might even do the other side.
Linda Russio showed me how she finishes her tiles.  I LOVE THIS!!  I have a wire wrapping wizard friend who I think I will give these tiles to next.

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