Switch Plate ReMake!

 I have now figured out a way to decorate the most boring item in my studio.
The light switch plate.  
It is such a blank canvas I don't know how I didn't think to paint or collage it sooner.
 Colours come together by themselves in my studio.  
All summer I have been drawn to yellow and orange.  I had some fun deciding which of these might go onto the switch plate.  I didn't even need to worry if they were flat because
I was not using traditional glue.  I used Jewelry Clay to adhere everything to the plate.

 I made a good size ball of clay for this project.
 I applied a fairly thick layer on the switch plate cover.  Some of my items (like the tiny dolls) would need to be deeply pressed in order to attach permanently.  
TIP:  I was very careful to ensure that none of my embellishments were near the area the sitch would need to operate.  I also kept the screw in area clear as well.
 I added beads in any open area.  
Jewelry Clay air cures, so no oven required.
I could have left the clay as it is because the cured colour is quite nice...but that would not be fun.
 It just so happens I have this gorgeous orange Pearl-Ex!  I dusted it across the entire switch plate.  
I always allow my clay and Pearl-ex to cure together overnight.  Pearl-Ex will only cling to the clay, so there is no rush to brush it off.
 The next day I use a fairly stiff stenciling brush to sweep away the excess powders.  
Now my light switch fits in my studio.  I have it hanging next to one of my bigger painted collages.

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