Sharknado2 Resin Filled Bezels

Did you follow last summer's Sharknado story?  
This movie was the most tweeted movie (to date) and it became a true cult classic in under a day.  So bad it was good.  
This summer we have a second cheesy movie to look forward to.  I have made several keepsakes to celebrate the movie premier at the end of the month.
 I found several copies of the movie poster online.  (I do not sell my finished pieces so I am not worried about copyright.)  I cut and paste small copies on my layout which matched my bezel sizes.
 The bezels I am using are from Metal Complex.  I like these bezels because they are handmade.  The bezel ring is a favorite!  I cut my images and glued them into the bezels.  I sealed the paper before pouring in Jewelry Resin.  Because two of these pieces are for men, I added no glitter....
 Jewelry Resin is ideal for this project.  I have written many times about its clarity and extra UV protection.
 These bezels have large attachments.  They do not lie flat.  In order to make sure my resin cured properly I placed those areas over an opening in my ice cube tray.  Now my bezels are flat and I did not have an over pour.
Ready to wear!
This is the Sharknado project I made last year with Jewelry Clay.

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