Monday, July 28, 2014

Resin Crafts That Come and Go In Popularity

Last week I was speaking with ETI's Vice President about some ideas I had for upcoming posts.
It always surprises me when I think I have come up with something brilliant,
only to be told,
"Um, Carmi, we did that about ten years ago."

Occasionally I forget that Environmental Technology Inc. has been in business since 1969.

In the last 45 years, they sure have seen trends come and go.

In case you did not know, some of their now "vintage" how-to manuals are free to read on the website.
This 1993 guide to pouring resin on tabletop surfaces is a classic and still relevant today!


  1. Can you (or someone) make these available in a pdf downloadable format?
    They are not tablet or mobile device friendly at all... in fact they are pretty useless to those of us that only use mobile devices :-(

  2. Hi Andy, I don't manage the ETI website, so all I can do is make them aware of your comment. It is always quicker to just email or call them yourself, as they have a full time customer service division.

  3. I actually HAVE some of those manuals in my library. Maybe that's why my craft room keeps getting smaller and smaller. We used to so a lot with resin back in the 70s. Sure as shootin' if I get rid of a book, a few years later the craft comes back in vogue and I wish I still had what I gave away.


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