Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nunn Design Bezels and Miniature Swimmers in Jewelry Resin Part TWO

 This is the brooch I would be wearing today, if I worked in an office.
Yesterday I showed you how I made these sweet little bezels in Part One of this blog series.
 Nunn Design sent me their Summer Collection and I will be hosting a giveaway at the end of the week.  (There is about $75 dollars worth of components in this grouping.)
In order to build my brooch I gathered a few more of the Nunn Design charms and one or two other components from my own jewelry making stash.
 I love these pins.  When they already include a place to add a dangle it makes it easy to build a brooch with several components.
I can't imagine anyone taking a peek at this without smiling.


  1. Your brooch is great. Yes I think it would make anyone smile. Trying resin is on my to do soon list. I appreciate a chance to win some wonderful components to work with.

  2. These are waaaay too cute!!

  3. You mentioned wearing this cute brooch to the office. When you can't go to the beach, wear the beach!


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