Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Creating Your Own Pendants with Jewelry Clay

 I have been wanting to spend some time creating my own free form shapes with Jewelry Clay.
 I had several projects on the go over the weekend and found myself with some leftover Jewelry Clay.  I rolled it into this pleasing shape.
 I then pressed some diamond backed crystals into the clay.
 I made a hole after all my crystals were in place.  This will make the pendant instantly wearable after the clay cures.
 My last step was to colour my clay with Pearl-Ex.
I allow everything to cure overnight and in the morning simply brushed away the excess Pearl-Ex.
This project has so many applications.

I made something for jewelry, but you can just imagine how easy it would be to use the clay to create other shapes as well.


  1. Have you used this clay in a mold and if so to what success?

    1. Marie it works beautifully in molds. Here is the first project I made with it:


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