World Cup Resin Crafts

You still have time to create some World Cup wearables!
Is anyone else excited about the World Cup starting this week?
 I went to the FIFA website and clipped some country team logos.  I do not sell my jewelry, so this is for personal use only.  I printed my logos and sealed them into my chosen bezels.
 I had one big error.  Even though I worked on both bezels at the same time, my Italian bezel got an immediate stain when I poured my Jewelry Resin into it.  This can only mean that my sealing glue application was not completely dried.  
Once I saw the stain I did a full stop, wiped out the resin and started again.
There is another sweet logo for the Brazil games.
The men's World Cup is June 12 -July 13 in Brazil.

The women's is August 5-24 in Canada.

It will be a summer of soccer fever!

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