Westcott Scissors and Jewelry Clay

Is it possible to make the world's favorite scissors even better?
Yes, if you decorate them with crystals and beads!
 This weekend I taught a class at the CHA Canada Designer, Educator and Creative Professional retreat.  Westcott provided all the participants with several sets of scissors.
Prior to the class I designed this simple tutorial.  
I made small batches of Jewelry Clay and applied it to the scissors in an area my hands would not come into contact with when I used the scissors to cut anything.  My heart and squiggles are a great example.
 I pressed crystals into place and added some tiny glass beads.
 I have a bowl of tiny glass beads, so I always press my projects lightly into this container.
 The glass beads stick to the clay in areas I did not press in bigger crystals.
My final step is to apply some Pearl-Ex powders, in case any clay does not have a bead or crystal pressed into it.
 I allow the Pearl-Ex and clay to air cure overnight.  The next day I brush away the excess powder and my scissors are ready to be used.
 This crystal heart means no one can "borrow" my scissors by accident.
 Once you add a small crystal feature, it is hard to stop.  I thought I would show the participants in my workshop how much more you can do,
 When you give designers a blank surface of any kind, they will come up with truly unique ways to decorate it.
Here are just a few of the scissors designed in my class!
Thank you to Westcott and ETI for sponsoring this class!

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