Ultra-matte Black Resin Project

 My bee is now the latest project to get my seal of approval!
 On more than one occasion I have mentioned that I do not let a drop of resin or a pinch of Jewelry Clay go unused.  I always add any leftover material into a mold.  This bee is a perfect example of me using up leftover clay and then pouring in coloured Envirotex Lite in my mold.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to test a new paint.
 DecoArts released new ultra-matte chalk paints.  I loved the pink, but felt black would be a better option for this project.  

DecoArts describes this paint this way:

 I have been looking for a real matte black for a while.  
Here is my bee with just one coat of the paint.
It is exactly what I had hoped for.  The paint had no trouble adhering to my resin surface.
 I highlighted my bee with a little gold metallic wax.  
(I know you ask me all the time where I get mine and all I can say is google metallic wax or rub-on metallic wax and several brands will pop up.)
 I sealed my piece with a matte decoupage medium so the gold would not wipe off accidentally.
Then I pulled out some components I could mount my bee on.
In the end, I went with this festive filigree.  Love my bee!!

FYI - The molds are from Paula Radke.  She designed them to use with her glass clay.

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