Resin and the Vintage Silver-plated Serving Tray - PART TWO

 Here is my finished tray!
 Yesterday's Part One post showed you how I got to this point in the process.  You might want to read that first.
I placed my tissue paper to the back of the cut out tray and covered it with EasyCast.
 When the back was cured I poured EasyCast onto my new tray surface.  My pour was about 1/4 of an inch high.
 Then I had a little repair job delaying my results post one day.  I found this bubble.  Darn it.
It was already cured and it was driving me a little crazy.  Most people would not even notice it, but I knew if I did not repair it that it would be the only thing I saw when I used the tray.
 So I sanded the area.  I know this makes a few of you nervous.  Trust me, these scratch lines will disappear!
 I then brushed a final EasyCast layer over the the entire surface.  See how quickly those scratch/sanded lines disappeared?
 I love the tray!  I brought it outside so you could see that it is slightly translucent and looks like stained glass when there is light behind it.
So to recap.
I took a tray that was recycled into charms for jewelry making...and up cycled it back to a tray with EasyCast!

Part One of this post is right here.

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