More Neon Paint Resin Projects

I have several new neon coloured resin components to use in summer projects.
A few weeks ago I started experimenting with neon acrylic paints as a colouring agent in EasyCast.
The results were excellent so I designed a second project.
  The teardrop earring mold is from Resin obsession and is a reusable polyethylene, so I definitely made sure I applied our mold release to it before working in it.

 When you work is a very shallow mold like this one it is very easy to pour in too much resin.
 TIP:  I try and clean up these "overflows" so I don't have to spend too much time sanding the edges when the resin has cured.
 However, if you don't clean up in advance, very thin over pours like this area are easily cut away with a non stick scissor after the resin has cured.
 These earring look great!  More than likely they will join a collage instead.
My first molded neon items and the original post is linked here.

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