Metal Stamped Journal Cover Plate

I go through 4-6 journals a year. I write and draw in them constantly and I want my journals to represent me when I pull them out at a meeting.
I love the look of a metal plate (a metal object with a thin coating or film of a different metal) embellishment.  I decided to recreate one with a piece of brass I spray painted silver, our Jewelry Clay and a set of tiny metal stamps.
 Here is my clay set in place.
 I brushed the surface of the clay with Pearl-Ex to make it shiny.
 I wrote my words next to my project.  Sometimes when you have to stamp a number of letters you miss one and create a misspelled project.  You have to start over from scratch, if you do, because there is no way to repair a clay impression with ink.
One of the cheapest tools in my box is this rubber finger tip.  Remember these? You use them when you are sorting through lots of papers because they do not stick.  They are perfect to make unique impressions in clay.
My stamping went well!
I added a little bit of gold to the silver to bring my design together.
My new journal cover plate is complete!

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