Jewelry Clay Components - Pretty on the Front and Back!

 This floral pendant is one I hand stamped my self into our air curing Jewelry Clay.
To begin, I made a small batch of clay which I pressed into a circular shape.  Since I would be stamping into the front and letting it cure overnight, I did not want to miss the opportunity to also decorate the back of my piece.  So I let my clay cure on transfer paper.

The Transfer Paper:  My clay is sitting on a piece of Print 'n Press t-shirt transfer paper.  (I printed these images on an inkjet printer.)  You can read all about this transfer technique in these posts I have already written and linked here.

 When I was happy with the shape of my circle I brushed Pearl-Ex powder across the surface of the clay.
 Then I stamped my image with brown Staz-On ink.
 I made a hole so the pendant would be easy to dangle when it cured.
 The next morning I peeled my pendant away from the Print 'n Press transfer paper.  Now that back is just as pretty as the front!
 You do need to seal the transfer.  I used several coats of Mod Podge.
Now if the pendant flips over when I wear it the back side will be interesting too!

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