Ikea Door Replacement Knobs

This is my current project.
To replace all the plain wood door knob on my Ikea bookcases.
 I am working in a mold and I wanted to remind you that you could use Jewelry Clay or Envirotex Lite or EasyCast to make the molded item I am featuring.
 It is easier to put clay into a mold because you don't have to worry as much about the mold being kept completely level while it cures.
 This mold is one that I have used several times and really like.  I purchased it two years ago at the Bead and Buttons how.
 For my new door knob, I spray painted my resin molded lady along with a plain door knob.  I added some silver metallic wax rub on to the lady to make her pop a little.
 I added some rhinestone chain to frame her.
 Quik Grip glue allowed me to set everything into place.  
It looks wonderful on my door and I need to make three more.
Just as a reminder, you can add colour to your molded pieces in many different ways.  Here is how I added colour the last time I used the mold.

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