Washi Tape in Jewelry Resin

I bet you would like to know how I got this fabulous background in my resin pendant.
 It is so simple!  I finally got to try embedding washi tape in Jewelry Resin.  
Washi tape is Japanese masking tape. For the last few years, it has grown in popularity in the craft world.  There are literally thousands of washi tape patterns and designs to choose from. 
It is a tape....so no extra adhesive needed.  Just tape and trim and you are ready to pour.  I did not even seal the paper!  I just poured in Jewelry Resin.
 TIP:  For this pendant I knew I wanted to add this vintage embroidery applique.  If I had embedded it completely in resin, it would have darkened considerably.  Instead, I waited about 90 minutes and while my resin was in the very early stages of a cure I placed it right onto the surface.  It only sunk down about 2 mm, but it is firmly attached and still soft to the touch.

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