Upcycling With Resin

 As a resin designer, there are days when I am just so happy to work with a medium that can preserve and protect the art and craft of others.  This is just such an example.
 On the weekend I went to my local antique store which has a $2 jewelry booth.  Not everything is antique but I always find a gem or two to work with.
 This is just the sort of item I dream of finding.  I believe someone painted this scene onto this button pin.  It was just adorable and of course, as it appears to be a bezel, I knew how to magnify the painting.
 Before pouring Jewelry Resin into my pin, I added a little bit of clear glitter in a few key locations.
Ta Da!!  Jewelry Resin finishes it beautifully and I can wear this with pride knowing the painting is well protected!

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