Super Fast Molds with EasyMold!

 At first glance I hope you can't decide 
which is the original bird and which is the molded copy 
I made with EasyMold and EasyCast resin.
 Earlier this month I was in Paris.  Part of my annual trip includes antiquing where I look for vintage and unique items for my upcoming year of art projects.  This little bird was a fabulous find.
 I knew I would not be able to use the original in a jewelry project.  If I did, I could only use it once.

EasyMold allows me to create as many duplicates in as many colours as I want.  I have quite a few projects and a video showing you how to use EasyMold.  Here are the highlights:
 In three minutes I made up my circle of EasyMold silicone putty and simply pressed my original into it.
25 minutes later I have a mold of my bird!  
You can already see that the indentations on my bird have been duplicated in the mold.  I can now use this mold with resin, chocolate, candy, wax, clay, cement, ice, embossing powders and so much more.

Reminder:  The mold should be allowed to rest for 24 hours before you pour resin into it.  
Second Reminder:  If you want to use the mold for chocolate or other food items do not use it with art supplies.  Keep you food molds separate.  If you love your object make two molds-one for food and one for artist materials.
 I decided to make a white casting of the bird.  This will make it easier to colour.  I added opaque white pigment to a batch of EasyCast resin.
 My favorite way to colour resin is with metallic wax rub ons.  Here is my bird after the first layer of colour.
Several applications later I am thrilled with my final bird.
I am sealing the colour with several coats of Resin Spray.  Without a top coat, the wax colour would just wipe off.

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