Sobral Resin - Brazil to Belgium to My Home in Canada

This fabulous framed mirror is difficult to photograph in my busy studio. So I popped out the mirror so I could give you a better look.
This is a Sobral art piece.  I have featured Brazilian artist Sobral on this blog several times.  I just love his jewelry and furniture.  It has been my understanding that he fell in love with polyester resin in the 70's and now employs over 160 people in his resin company.
Sobral's wall mirror frames are all original mixed media pieces composed of natural resin shapes and beads.  Every year I go to Paris where I have seen and purchased quite a few of his jewelry designs. 
I was in Europe last week for my annual trip to Paris and I added a side trip to Brugge, Belgium. I found this mirror in a fabulous boutique and I decided I needed to bring it home.
Here are some close-up at this fun frame!
 Now you know why every single resin piece you make can be used for some purpose!

Here is a link to the first Sobral mirror I photographed.

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