Resin Lamps - So Over the Top You Must Look!

Chess game pieces in polyester resin by Armand Pierre Fernandez.

Earlier this month I took this picture of a stunning block of resin in the window of a Paris art gallery in the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen.  I could not get a better picture, so I knew I needed to do some research when I got home.  I discovered that the creator is Armand Pierre Fernandez and his pieces are current (1990's) and being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

(This was another piece of art in the same window.  I would have loved to see it in person but the gallery was closed.  I am tracking down more about this artist as well.)

So,in my search for the chess pieces in resin I discovered 1stdibs. (first dibs)
1stdibs is an antiques dealer website.  Their site lead me to an even more interesting discovery.  
Resin artist Romeo Paris who's pieces are from the 70's.

The website features these lamps on behalf of the Regis Royant Gallery in Paris.  I hope they inspire you as much as they did for me.

Pair of resin lamps by Romeo Paris with inclusions.

Pair of resin lamps by Romeo Paris with paintbrushes.

 Pair of resin lamps by Romeo Paris with inclusion of brass & chromed balls.

The following are lamps where they wrote that the inclusions are in lucite.  They are also from the same artist.  (Lucite is a brand name for resin as well.)

Lamps by Romeo Paris with paint and paint brushes.

Lamps by Romeo Paris with paint tubes and paint.

Lamps by Romeo Paris with inclusion of gold leafs and powder.

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