Resin Embellishments for Card Makers

 I have a set of new cards to share which feature colourful resin filled bezels.
 The bezels are colourful because they were filled with glass glitters and a few sequins.
 I demonstrated this technique at the Craft and Hobby (CHA) show in Anaheim in January.  I wanted to have a project that was easily completed in a "make and take" format.
 It really is amazing how gorgeous the pendants turn out with the simple addition of glitters.
 The CHA makers used Jewelry Resin to cover their glitters.  I am sure many of them used their pendants to make a necklace.
 I made quite a few samples so I opted to make a set of cards instead.
 I make two holes in my card stock so that I can sew my bezels in place.
I prefer sewing to glue, so that the recipient of the card can easily remove it and either add it to a chain or key ring quickly.

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