Neon Resin With Acrylic Paint

Here is a bright and cheery project made possible by neon resin!
 I have been wanting to make some neon coloured resin molds all winter.  Nothing brightens up a room more than a florescent orange pink or lime green.  I purchased these three inexpensive bottles of acrylic paint at my local craft store.
 The leaf mold is from Resin obsession and is a reusable polyethylene, so I definitely made sure I applied our mold release to it before working in it.
 I am using EasyCast for this project.  I made one larger batch and then separated it into three cups.  I added a few drops of the paint to each cup.
 The resin colours were indeed the bright colours I was hoping for.  Neon is really hard to photograph though!
 TIP:  Double check that you are storing your molds properly.  I did not notice mine had warped a little so I poured in a little less resin.  I will be sure to flatten this out by putting a few books on it for a day or two before I use it again.
 Fresh out of the mold I had a fabulous collection of leaves!
Special Note:  When you add non-resin colouring items to resin like paint, coffee etc. you can have a project that does not cure.  I only added 2-3 drops of paint.  My molded leaves are a little soft...I could bend them if I needed too, but they are certainly hard enough for this home decor project.  
 I already had a project in mind for them.  I had this dollar store frame and a cool postcard from Paris.
 The Eiffel Tower in the postcard is made with dark black lines so I mimicked the look with black sealing wax on my molded leaves.  I then sealed the wax lines with a coating of Resin Spray.  If you don't seal it, the wax will just smudge right off.
 I painted my frame with some of the pink neon paint and arranged my neon resin leaves along with some neon buttons I have from HA Kidd.
This was a studio brightening project!

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