Jewelry Clay Wolf Pendant

My new pendant was created to showcase this gorgeous wolf bead.  I purchased several of these some time ago and everything I add them too look fantastic.
I used the following items for my project.
1.  Our Jewelry Clay - remember this air cures (no kiln needed)
2.  Bezel - Instant Glam Tuscany Drop from
3. A wolf with a flat back - mine is made from clay (I do not know who makes these)
4.  Carbon Black Pearl-Ex and a soft brush
5.  A pick up stick tool for crystals - I used the Crystal Katana
6.  Pointed back crystals
 I made a small batch of Jewelry Clay and filled my bezel.  
 I pressed my wolf into the clay and then randomly placed crystals wherever there was an open space.  The pick up stick tool makes this a very fast chore.
When I felt I had added enough crystals I brushed Pearl-Ex carbon black over the exposed clay. I use a very soft brush so that it does not make extra marks in the clay.  When I am sure that I have covered every possible area I let my project cure overnight.
The next morning I just brushed away the excess Pearl-Ex.
 TIP:  Be sure to check the reverse to see if Pearl-Ex has clung to any part of the bezel back.  Sometimes my fingers have some clay residue on them and the Pearl-ex will cling to a fingerprint.  It is best to clean this up now so it also does not cure in place permanently.
I think this will be featured in a lariat.
No doubt you have a special component you would like to showcase.  Embedding it into Jewelry Clay is the simplest way to recreate a new design.
Here is another project with Jewelry Clay that features my wolf in a steampunk setting.
The blog post is linked here.

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