Golf Theme Resin Pendant

 My sweet golf themed pendant is another great example of how Jewelry Resin can create elegant finished pieces easily.
 My project began with a box of vintage greeting cards.
 I scanned my favorite cards and edited them a little in Photoshop.  Then I reduced the size of the scans so they were pendant-size artwork.
 I had determined that this was the bezel I was was going to be working in.  It is very shallow, so I would need to be careful with my resin pour.
 As always, I protected and sealed my paper image with three applications of a clear drying decoupage medium.
(sealing paper is covered in several posts - see the side bar)
 I made a very small batch of Jewelry Resin.
I poured in just enough resin to cover my paper.  I was very careful so I did not have an over pour. Jewelry Resin cures completely clear, so my pendant looks like ti is protected by glass.

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