EastCast Tips and Inspiration - Post Two

 Here are the first two finished pieces from the tray of resin I began on the weekend.
Yesterday's post showed you how I got to this point in my project tray.
I then filled my mold openings with EasyCast - the ETI resin designed to work in molds.
 I was so happy to pop my casted molds out of the silicone tray.  Remember, when you work in a tray, the bottom is usually the top.  You work backwards and only see your actual work when you remove your pieces from the mold.
 It was a good thing that this side was now the back...I discovered two bubbles that magically appeared over night.
 Flipped over, I loved my two special dried flower castings.  I wanted to turn these into finished jewelry pendants first.
 They already fit right into bezels I have.  I could have just glued them in place...but here is where my tips come in!
 I always place my cast items onto coloured paper.  You just never know what colour might help showcase your casting better.
 I could not believe how gorgeous my new resin casting looked against an orange background!
In the end, I used a black paper background in this bezel.  My glitter really pops now.
And the dried flower looks amazing against the orange.
More results tomorrow!

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